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The implementation of your next retail campaign. As a top-notch retail design agency, you create meaningful shopping environments that attracts customers for every brand you work with. The success of a campaign is ultimately determined in the store, and implementing large-scale campaigns are complex, time-consuming and it can become very costly. You take care of outstanding design: we call it the magic. And for us, providing advice and action in all practical aspects of a global retail campaign project, retail project or POS campaign is where we shine and rise.

Need help getting started with retail campaign fulfilment?

We’ve done so for 27 years now, and we are familiar with all the scenarios and pitfalls, so we are ready for any challenge. We would love to hear about your next project. 

    Services that ensure a seamless roll out



    To ensure a seamless roll out, we investigate the potential pitfalls and necessary preparation tasks. This aspect is crucial, yet frequently overlooked. Each of your design and client is unique, just as the preparation of a global roll out in the pragmatic field of brand building. Our project managers advise on the required budget and lead time for the global rollout. We survey stores to provide you with the field information you need. We handle permit applications worldwide. No minor detail will be overlooked because the devil is in the detail.



    It’s action time! Thankfully, we have experienced project managers and 1.100 local installation teams who can handle just about any kind of challenge, allowing you to focus on your next design project! We manage and coordinate global retail installations 24/7, remotely and on-site. From the installation of fixtures, displays to Point of Sale Campaigns: we maintain consistent high-end quality all around the world. Our core strength lies in executing large-scale roll outs within a short time-to-market.



    We are here for you 24/7/365- keeping your stores looking like it did the day we launched your POS campaign. We offer campaign maintenance services, from routine scheduled visits to emergency response and repairs. Count on our team of our professional network of local maintenance professionals including installers, construction workers, electricians, VR-specialists. Trust our team of project managers when reactive and quick-response maintenance is needed. We’ll identify the issue precisely, provide a high-quality solution, and keep monitoring your brand touchpoints for each store, which comes in handy, both now and later.

    "RGN's positivity, friendliness and client focus make collaboration effortless. Solution-driven, they exceed expectations, creating valuable partnerships and brightening even tight project timelines. "

    Charlotte Winter – Teamlead Strategic Partner Management
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    "RGN makes our design happen. They hit the ground with a proven methodology."


    "Your team at RGN is an integral part of our success. Recognized as reliable partners, your collaborative spirit brings joy to every project."

    Vanesse Keen – Marketing Director

    Implementing your global POS Campaign: this is how you start!

    The implementation of your next retail campaign: it’s complex, time-consuming and it can become very costly, but that’s where RGN shines! With our deep-rooted experience in the dynamic retail industry, we get it. Every brand activation, whether it’s a global rollout in Europe, APAC and NAM or a unique POP UP- is unique and requires its own tailored approach. Given the fast-paced nature of the retail sector, where speed, changes and challenging budgets are part of the daily operations, we’re ready to not only implement your campaign seamlessly but also create an effective and cost-efficient process- for both you as a creative agency and your retail client.

    Why RGN?

    Whether you’re working on fresh store concept designs, a POS campaign, or in need of maintenance service, we are here to help you. With our experience in global campaign fulfilment in retail, we know what to focus on. Whether it’s for a luxury fashion brand or fast-fashion sport brand, we understand that every project is unique.

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