Surgical-level signage for ZNA hospital in Antwerp


Signage and wayfinding in the Antwerp region  


The Antwerp region  


Comply with strict regulations applicable in a clinical environment

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We have installed 6,000+ wayfinding signs across the 18 floors of the new ZNA Cadix Hospital in Antwerp, making it easy for visitors and staff to move around in and outside the building. Managing a project of this complexity is no small task. Where do you place each sign, and how do you ensure everything stays on track? That is where RGN comes in. 

From design to implementation

Our collaboration with ID-lab, working on behalf of VK architects+engineers, involved developing the brand design, message schedule, and allocation plan for BAM interbuild. RGN took the lead in executing the project and made a key discovery early on in the project. 

Innovative solutions from our experts

Our RGN experts identified a challenge during the design phase and swiftly proposed an effective solution. This solution not only enhanced the design but also proved to be more practical and aligned with the stringent safety requirements of a hospital. We opted for acrylic instead of heavy and ‘unhandy’ glass, and our unique design ensured secure installation, making the signs stronger and safer while maintaining their attractive design.   

From digital design to practical implementation

Turning digital designs into tangible products, like wayfinding signs, often presents unexpected hurdles. We had to adapt to changes not originally part of the building plans, such as relocated walls and modified sprinkler installations. Additionally, we had to consider the final weight of the product and the suspension’s load-bearing capacity. This required flexibility and in-depth product knowledge to ensure the signs not only looked aesthetically pleasing but were also practical and safe. The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic added an extra layer of complexity to the project. 

Local Heroes vital during lockdown

When travel was restricted and cross-border collaborations became challenging, RGN turned to our network of trusted local suppliers, each with their own expertise. Combined with effective project management from our headquarters, these ‘Local Heroes’ ensured the signage project kept moving forward. 

All digital. All the time.

The entire project was managed digitally, which made it more efficient and reduced the likelihood of errors. In our digital tool,, all 6,000+ signs are meticulously documented, allowing for easy location tracking with detailed photos and technical drawings. Very handy, because do you still recall which sign hangs on the 5th floor on the east side of the stairwell? We do! And that’s precisely why we set up our platform. The platform ensures not only effective project management but also provides the client with a clear overview throughout the process. Even after completion, is perfect for maintaining a consistent and up-to-date brand identity. 

 RGN has successfully undertaken rebranding projects for renowned hospitals and healthcare institution, such as RadboudUMC, ‘s Heeren Loo, Dimence, Sanquin, AZ Groeninge, Beatrix Hospital, OLVG, Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, Isala Hospital, and ZNA. We offer tailored solutions that enhance your organization’s identity and increase brand awareness. Let us elevate your institution to new heights as well! 

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