It’s action time. Rest assured: we do all the hard stuff. All we need from you is input at essential feedback moments. We report for duty every once in a while, or more regularly, if you prefer. We’ve been in this business for quite some time and are familiar with all the scenarios and pitfalls, so we are ready for any suprises. Thankfully, we have specialists who can handle just about any kind of challenge, meaning we can make your plans come true, while allowing you to do your job.

You can feel it. We are ready.

Now that we’ve completed the intensive and fun preliminary stages, we’re ready to get started. The light is about to turn green, and our right foot is hovering over the accelerator. It’s time to go on an adventure! Do you wish to be involved in every step along the way, or would you rather let us make all the decisions? It’s up to you. One thing is certain – we’re going to do something great together. In the coming period we will gradually revamp your brand identity. Whether it’s your offices, shops, fleet or any other sort of branded asset, we will make your world a bit more beautiful.

RGN makes our design happen. They hit the ground running with a proven methodology

We coordinate your (re)branding or roll out

The members of our project team have introduced themselves and are ready to get started. They plan, supervise and monitor your rebranding process, whether it’s the implementation of a completely revamped brand identity or a campaign roll-out. Best of all, they are always at your disposal.

The right supplier anywhere

Thanks to our local heroes network, we know our way around in most locations. Wherever you are in the world, we have on-site project support and mechanics with the right level of expertise. They are carefully selected professionals who meet our stringent quality requirements. Quick, flexible and solution-oriented.

Expert advice on materials and placement

We are happy to advise you on materials and their applicability in various situations, such as indoor and outdoor placement, durability, maintenance, accessibility and visibility.
We can make designs tangible, so you can ‘see them in daylight’. From the grammage of the paper to wrapping vehicles. Of course, we are always happy to give you a sustainable option, because that makes us and the planet happy too.

Smart procurement, we help you

During a rebranding project, procurement is different compared to normal. A basket won’t do; you’d better grab a proper shopping trolley. You’ll need different volumes, different quality requirements and maybe even international deliveries, which may require permit applications. Your regular suppliers may not have everything you need. We will help you, assess your suppliers, negotiate prices and formulate quality requirements on your behalf, meaning you won’t have to do it. If it seems that it might be better for you to look for other, more suitable suppliers, we’ll act as your own Google.

Tooling that helps your brand go further

We organize and monitor your rebranding or roll out with our own tooling. This allows us to keep an overview during the project, but we can also do this afterwards; so that your brand or campaign always remains on-brand. Curious about the possibilities? Check out brand technology.

Explore what our tooling can do for you

PreZero: rebranding the fleet as well as materials
Embark on a remarkable journey: unveiling the vibrant identity of Dijk en Waard
Nike The Power of Belonging
Realization and implementation of a distinctive identity in way finding at Isala Meppel
Just Eat Takeaway: inspiring environment for creative food enthusiasts
Surgical-level signage for ZNA Cadix hospital in Antwerp
Intertrust: A Transparent Vision on Privacy and Interior Branding
citizenM: One-of-a-kind hotel concept translated to multiple international hotels
The Greetz feeling as a red line in the 'employee' branding
Campus feeling for nearly 30,000 students attending VU Amsterdam
Innovative brand management built on a great working relationship
Innovative, academic-style wayfinding and signage
Effective instore campaigns for 600+ stores
Nike instore brand and marketing campaigns

Discover our services:

Our services will help to advance your brand. Want to explore what we can do for you? Our consultants are at your disposal (without any obligation to hire us).

Entering a new phase as a brand

No one understands your brand like you do. However, can you see it from our point of view? We make a point of looking beyond your brand, as we are interested in the company behind your brand identity, and in the people promoting the brand. In our preliminary analysis, we take a close look at all aspects of your brand, which help us get to know and understand your company and it’s lingo.

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We roll out your new brand identity, from A to Z.

It’s action time. Have no fear– we’ll do the hard stuff. All we need is your input at essential feedback moments. We’ll report once in a while, or more regularly, if you’d prefer. With our experience we know all the scenarios and pitfalls, and know roll-outs always involve surprises. Thankfully, we have specialists for every challenge, so you can continue doing your job.

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your brand at its very best. Any time.

The new brand has been rolled out. Case closed? No, not quite. Once successfully rolled out, we find it’s generally hard for clients to properly manage their brand identity. Luckily for you, our attention never flags. This is called brand identity management. We find it very gratifying to ensure your success lasts. We use our experience and resources to make sure your brand is at its very best.

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