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Welcome to the brand identity talks, a refreshing podcast hosted by RGN. Dive with us into the fascinating world of branding and discover the powerful stories behind the world’s most iconic brands. From the inception of brand identity to the strategies that define success. 

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Through engaging interviews with industry-leading experts, innovative marketers, and creative visionaries, we explore the dynamics of brand identity in an ever-changing landscape. Each conversation is a captivating journey to the core of what makes a brand stand out, captivate, and engage.

Whether you’re a marketer seeking inspiration, or simply interested in the power of branding, the brand identity talks promise to be a source of valuable insights and inspiration. The brand identity talks are especially for professionals who want to boost their brand and keep it up-to-date.

The brand identity talks:

Welcome to the brand identity talks – where the power of brands comes to life.

#1 Brand vitality

Ever wondered how “fit” your brand actually is, or rather, what the state of “brand vitality” is? Then get inspired during our brand identity talks! In our inaugural episode, Stephan Reschke of Total Design and Tom Dijk of RGN join us to discuss a special tool: the Brand Vitality Scan, a joint development of Total Design and RGN. 

Watch the first brand identity talks on RGN’s YouTube channel. Prefer to listen? Lucky for you it is also available on Spotify!


Brand identity talks #1: Brand vitality


Brand identity talks #1: Brand vitality

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