Welcome to the future of your brand: meet the Brand Vitality Scan

Curious about the true power of your brand? Want to know if your brand identity is still clear, strong, and perfectly aligned with your strategy? And would you also like to assess whether the identity has been implemented effectively and is being maintained properly? No worries, we’ve got the solution for you! In collaboration with Total Design, we’ve developed the Brand Vitality Scan – your ultimate ‘Brand APK’.

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Why the Brand Vitality Scan?

Branding is about creating value through communication and design. Clarity, consistency, and distinctiveness are essential in this dynamic business landscape where change is constant, and adaptation is crucial.

The challenge lies in the need to serve different stakeholders, markets, and targets. In a world where business, strategy, leadership, or personnel are constantly evolving, it’s easy to lose oversight.

The solution: Brand Vitality Scan

The Brand Vitality Scan provides a systematic analysis of your brand performance at both strategic and operational levels. This powerful tool has been developed through the collaboration between Total Design and RGN. It gives you the necessary tools to assess your brand, point it in the right direction, and provide tangible insights to activate a change within your organization.

Whether it’s future-proofing your brand identity, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints, or optimizing cost-effective processes, the Brand Vitality Scan is the key to unlocking a successful and resilient future for your brand.

The power of collaboration: TD x RGN

In the collaboration of Total Design and RGN, the magic of branding meets the logic of implementation, as well as its management and maintenance. Total Design, experts in design, communication, and technology in the world of branding, join forces with RGN, masters of operational and technical brand implementation and custom solutions for brand management. With TD x RGN, your brand story is not only told but also brought to life and developed effectively.

Ready to take control of your brand identity? Let the Brand Vitality Scan guide the way to a refreshing and effective strategy, implementation, management and maintenance. Visit .


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