The Power of Belonging: an inspirational office environment

Project From design to a real-life brand experience in the office
Scope European headquarters in Hilversum, Netherlands
Challenge Translating interior designs into suitable materials and application techniques
Partners RR Donnelley (main contractor) en Downstream (design)
Group 79

At Nike, they understand better than anyone that sports is not just about the products they sell, but also about the experience surrounding it, whether it is the stores or the corporate offices. Creating a positive team culture, enhancing employee engagement, and providing an inspiring work environment are essential.

Bring concepts to life: innovative applications that astonish.

At Nike’s European headquarters, we, in close collaboration with RR Donnelley and Downstream, played a crucial role in enhancing this feeling through interior branding. As an integral part of the project team, we worked hand in hand with the design team to effectively bring concepts to life. Together, we created practical and achievable masterpieces from concept to realization.

Our commitment to top quality was ensured through  careful material selection and the testing of exciting innovative application techniques, such as laser-engraving wood applications and integrating different materials in 3D. This resulted in crafting unique and captivating installations. Additionally, we took charge of project planning, monitoring, and quality control. Throughout the installation phase, we supervised the location and promptly resolved any issues for a professional installation.

A Nike work environment that exudes values

The result? Nike’s European headquarters is now an inspiring office environment that perfectly reflects the brand’s core values and has a positive impact on employees. It is a place where they feel connected to the brand and are motivated to excel in their performance.

At RGN, we understand the power of interior branding and its influence on a positive work environment. As your partner, we aim to enhance brand experience and engagement, always striving for the highest quality and innovative solutions.

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