How interior branding can help with staff shortages in healthcare

All the staff in a hospital or healthcare institution play an important role in a patient’s experience, but how do you keep your staff happy and motivated? How do you prevent them leaving and joining another employer?

Feeling valued and comfortable in their working environment has a positive effect on the quality of care your staff provide. It is therefore important to invest in a strong brand identity and an environment that is appealing to both patients   and staff. Treating the hospital or healthcare institution as a brand therefore helps retain staff and attract new talent, also at times when healthcare is under pressure.

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Interior branding? But healthcare is already under such pressure

When healthcare institutions are under pressure, that’s the time to review the brand. You’re probably thinking: ‘Now? My staff are too busy and want us to invest in healthcare.’  It is true that the situation has been very intense in recent years, so, now more than ever it is important to invest in an environment where your staff are happy to be, and where they also want to stay. Each potential employee on the labour market has a choice. If you can’t offer more than your competitors, how do you attract them to your healthcare institution? Investing in an attractive environment which fits the brand identity, makes your healthcare institution a preferred employer. If the message is good and very visible, staff will feel more involved and will stand up for the brand, perhaps even talk about it at social gatherings. This way, you can distinguish yourself as a brand and position yourself as an attractive brand.

" Each potential employee on the labour market has a choice.
If you can't offer more than your competitors, how do you attract them to your healthcare institution? "

Bring your brand alive on the work floor: learn from other sectors!

To bring your brand alive, you don’t just need to look at your direct competitors. Look at other sectors too. The Hilton hotel chain is a good example of a business that focuses on strengthening the bond between employees and the brand. Credit card provider ICS is also strengthening the brand on the work floor, for example by rebranding all its communications and reflecting this strongly in its locations. By prominently displaying the brand and the message in all offices, it becomes rooted in the business culture and a strong sense of connection is created between the employees and the brand. Learn from these sectors and apply their methods to strengthen your own brand. Let us explain how we have used interior branding for the brand ICS, for example.

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