Interview about 25 years of RGN: Moving forward | part 4 of 4

Part four: moving forward.
From Twente to across the world, RGN grew into the European market leader for rebranding and its rollout for projects of all shapes and sizes. In this four-part series, founders Ruud Koetsier and Erwin Scholten van Agteren and chief operating officer Maarten Ongering look back on 25 years of RGN. This is the final part.

That there is nothing you can think of that is so crazy, we haven’t done a rebranding for it. This includes cars, cranes and shovels, but also planes and even sailing ships.

Erwin Scholten van Agteren, partner RGN

Group 79

The final retrospective: What are you most proud of?

@Ruud: That our clients remain clients. If you have good working relationships, you will still be asked back years later. But I also feel proud when I look out the windows and see the BMN and Enexis vehicles on the road. We did the rebranding of their brand identity for them. And if I look out the windows on the other side, I can see Peugeot for which we also did a huge project.

@Erwin: What I also really like is this… that there is nothing you can think of that is so crazy, we haven’t done a rebranding for it. This includes cars, cranes and shovels, but also trains, planes and even sailing ships!

@Maarten: What I’m proud of is that wherever you go in the world, you will come across brands that we are working on or have worked on. Our job is interesting because when you work for different brands, you go into the companies and find out that every company really is different. That’s also the reason why so many of our colleagues have worked here for such a long time. In fact, you are in practice always working for a different company and that keeps you developing yourself.

What can we expect from RGN in the future?

@Maarten: For a start, further development of our own brand portal: A large group of users are experiencing its added value for quite some time and use it on a daily basis for all processes concerning the organization’s brand. Our team of developers are working every day to further develop and maintain the application. Using all the insights we have now, we will continue focusing on innovation and optimising our processes.

@Ruud: We are also making progress in the field of sustainability, such as in our circular signing and signposting programme. Every sign and brand display consists entirely of sustainably obtained materials. We are developing this programme in close collaboration with the American company Priority and it will soon be carried out by a logistics company operating worldwide.

This is the end of our four-part look back on 25 years of RGN. And now? Well, we have rolled out our own celebration at RGN… and it was a good one too! We left with the team to Bosnia-Herzegovina. Here is a video impression of it. Moreover, we worked on our own rebranding with at least as much enthusiasm. The results will be out soon and they are not to be missed!

Tijdlijn 25-jarig jubileum RGN
Timeline 25 years of RGN
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