Press release: RGN's new shareholders

At RGN we are excited to announce the joining of Maarten Ongering and Tom Dijk as new shareholders. Their participation represents a refreshing change with the younger generations taking the lead.  

Group 79

Maarten Ongering / Tom Dijk

“We are thrilled to be part of RGN’s ongoing growth and professionalization. Our decision to join as shareholders is based on our strong belief in RGN’s proposition, its service portfolio and the projects we execute. We are eager to contribute to the company’s stability and reinforce its position in the industry. The recent move to a new location, the adoption of a new corporate identity, and us joining as new shareholders, all signify the company’s growth. Together with our team, we will continue to build a prosperous future for RGN. We are confident that together our talents and collective efforts will continue to promote innovation and sustainability while expanding the company’s international presence.”

On the global front, we are expanding our presence through collaboration with strategic partners. RGN’s dedication to sustainability remains persistent, and we are fully committed to further developing our sustainability strategy, especially in support of our ‘local heroes’. At the same time, we continue to concentrate on innovation to, amongst others, streamline brand management operations for our valued clients. Other important areas of focus are the ongoing development of RGN’s brand management platform,, and talent management, with the goal of attracting, training and reatining skilled personnel. Our vision for the future is characterized by the clear and innovative direction we took regarding branding and rollout. Together, we aim to build on RGN’s success and embark on an inspiring journey int othe future.”

RGN | Branding & Rollout Reinvented

When your brand is entering a new phase, due to a merger, a new campaign, an acquisition, or a repositioning, one thing stands out: successfully launching or relaunching your brand and executing the roll-out flawlessly is absolutely crucial. At RGN, we truly understand this.

About RGN

We not only strive to innovate for our clients globally but also for ourselves. Over the years, we have fine-tuned our processes and led the way by creating our ‘local heroes’ hereby establishing a reliable network of preferred suppliers with whom we closely collaborate. We are continually developing new methods to simplify things and create platforms that keep your brand in top-notch condition.


At RGN, we take the lead in your rebranding effort. We operate throughout Europe and beyond, and we believe in endless possibilities. From assessing the impact to implementing and managing all aspects of your corporate identity, we have got you covered. This allows you to focus entirely on your day-to-day responsibilities while we take care of renewing every aspect of your brand, no matter where or when.

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